WorkInConfidence LogoSpeakInConfidence announced today that its name is changing to WorkInConfidence, and with the change is acquiring the business of TwoWayVision, comprising (staff surveys) and (online 360 appraisals).

The acquisition means that together with our existing anonymous dialogue platform, pulse survey system and referencing tool, we can now offer online staff surveys and 360-degree appraisals.

Our new name encapsulates what we aim to achieve with all our services – enabling organisations to work in confidence with their staff on every level.

Recent Growth

Over the last 18 months, we have seen a rapid expansion in a number of areas. Alongside the launch of PulseInConfidence and ReferenceInConfidence, many more organisations are using our SpeakInConfidence system, benefitting from better governance and enhanced insight on staff views.

Increasingly, our clients are reaping the benefits from improved cultures and performance. It’s our aim to provide tools enabling them to engage more comprehensively with their teams at every step, from hiring through to daily engagement and understanding. We’re pleased that the move enhances not only our client base but the range of services we can offer them.

For TwoWayVision clients, the move also means being served by a larger team with an enhanced service offering.

WorkInConfidence Website Update

To coincide with the acquisition, WorkInConfidence has updated its primary website,, and product related sites linked to this. We invite you to explore the website to find out more.

Get in Touch

If you would like further details on any aspect of the business expansion, including any of our services, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

WorkinConfidence offer a range of services to help organisations get the most out of their employees, including Pulse Surveys and Engagement Surveys. Our online anonymous dialogue platform, SpeakinConfidence is where staff can raise ideas or concerns and give candid feedback to management without barriers. You get the immediate benefits of listening and understanding your organisation and staff - leading to engagement and better governance. Contact us today to find out more or arrange a demonstration.